Pictures > Words: Edinson Cavani

Every hipster’s second-favourite player (behind Javi Martinez, obviously), as imagined in pictorial form by @baconjamie. I think – no, I know that if Thomas Edison had survived to this day, no matter what his accomplishments this would be his proudest. ‘Egads*! I’m on NearPostFlick!’ he’d say. Shit, he’d be happy. Then he’d come for us on some kind of weird zombie physicist stalker quest, and we’d wake with his mouldering face looming over us pulled into a rictus of appreciation. It wouldn’t end well.

Anyway. Edinson Cavani. Better than Radamel Falcao? Not for us, but he has a hell of a barnet.

That damp cave looks a bit suggestive for us.

*Yeah. He’d say ‘Egads’.


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