All of our best wishes to Fabrice Muamba.

As we write this, Fabrice Muamba is said to be speaking and moving his limbs; the best news any of us have had in these anxious last few days. We’re praying, in a non-denominational way, that these reports are accurate and that the young man is on the mend. NPF isn’t qualified to talk about the cardiac health of sportsmen, and we’re sure the quality football media are better placed to talk about the tragic history embodied by Marc-Vivien Foe, Miklos Feher and Antonio Puerta, to name but three – and speculate on what more football can do to protect the people around whom the whole sport, profession, industry, whatever you want to call it, rotates.

So we’re just going to say: please recover Fabrice. We’re all rooting for you.

We do have views on how sections of the media have reported this young man’s plight. But we have nothing to add to this fairly perfect excoriation, from The Daisy Cutter.


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